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Our informative online 4-6 page articles are guaranteed to get you noticed in an industry that is becoming increasingly competitive and crowded, so why not use our skills to broaden your marketing scope?

We carry out an in-depth interview with you that is arranged to suit your schedule and this is undertaken by either one of our experienced writers or our editor. We will send you a list of questions individually tailored to your company prior to the interview; however, please feel free to discuss any topics you wish to see featured in the article.

Following the interview, our editorial team will produce a detailed article that is both informative and thoroughly researched, from which our design team will ‘mock-up’ your first draft feature using a range of relevant photographs supplied by you.

This mock-up is then submitted to you for approval and all changes or tweaks are noted and implemented.

If you are not looking to market with a larger editorial feature and would prefer a direct advertisement to get you noticed by the peers of your industry, we can design an advert for you.

This can be created from scratch or from pre-existing material and can be as simple or as complex as you wish. We can offer you a portfolio of advertising sizes and rates to suit your budget or implement your existing ‘camera-ready’ advert if you prefer. In addition, we will discuss in detail with you beforehand where you would like this advert to be placed to ensure you are seen by the right segment of your markets.

We have had great feedback from those who have advertised in our publications in the past, and are confident that you will be delighted with the results.

Media pack

The InDepth brand covers news and articles for the offshore wind industry, the maritime and marine industry and reports on the oil and gas markets too. The packages we provide can be applied to any of our titles and these can be distributed between editions to help you cover your markets and maximise your exposure.


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