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PALFINGER MARINE awarded equipment contract for newbuilding at Ulstein



PALFINGER MARINE has signed a contract with Ulstein Verft in Norway to deliver the complete winch package and a container handling system onboard their newbuilding 308, a DP2 Construction Support Vessel (CSV) for the Netherlands based Acta Marine B.V. The vessel is primarily aimed at the offshore wind market and carries the new SX195 design from Ulstein Design & Solutions AS. The CSV vessel is measuring 93.4 meters in length and is 18 meters wide, and can accommodate up to 120 people in 80 cabins.

In addition to the complete winch package (electrical driven, frequency controlled) PALFINGER MARINE has been contracted to deliver a complete system for both skidding and securing of containers below deck (container handling system).

The container handling system has been tailor designed to meet the requirements onboard this vessel and are designed to handle twelve containers (both 10ʺ and 20ʺ) divided into two separate skidding lines. Each skidding line consist of two rail tracks and each of these are equipped with two hydraulic cylinders so that containers can be skidded in both directions. The containers are skidded by use of the movable push wagons which are connected to the skidding tracks.

In addition to skidding of the containers, the system has also been outfitted with several other features.
These are:

  • Removable guiding systems for positioning of containers onto the skidding line
  • Removable position bumpers (for alignment of containers towards the locking system)
  • Movable container locking devices, sea fastening (4 units for each container)

We are proud to continue our close relationship with Ulstein as a supplier of winches and handling equipment for their newbuildings.


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