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Seabin floating rubbish bin presented at the Night of Arts in Vaasa

14-8-2017-wartsilaThe technology group Wärtsilä’s project to bring floating rubbish bins to Finland is making progress. The project is being executed in honour of Finland’s centenary. Today as a part of the Night of Arts event in Vaasa and in in co-operation with the city of Vaasa, Seabin was installed for test use in the Inner harbour nearby Kuntsi´s museum of modern art.

”Taking care of the environment has a central place in Wärtsilä´s strategy and we are investing in developing technologies that will secure the future of marine environment. In Vaasa the sea is close to everybody and it is a pleasure to be able to test the Seabin floating rubbish bin here too. At the same time we want to emphasize that we can all affect the cleanliness of the sea environment with our own actions,” says Juha Kytölä, Vice President, Environmental Solutions at Wärtsilä Marine Solutions.

Peter Ceglinski from the Seabin Project says: “Seabin Project is proud to announce Vaasa as the third city in the strategic rollout of Seabin technology throughout Finland for Wärtsilä’s Finland 100 contribution this year. These important and strategic installations are part of a global initiative to solve the ocean plastics problem. Working with an industry leader like Wärtsilä enables this dream of cleaner oceans to be one step closer to becoming a reality.”

During the partnership programme, Wärtsilä has already donated two floating rubbish bins to the City of Helsinki and one to Turku.

”We are very happy and pleased that as the third city in Finland we get the Seabin floating rubbish bins to Vaasa. It is fascinating to observe them in action. Every piece of trash that ends up in Seabin is a step forward, especially while the craggy shores of Vaasa are difficult to clean up from trash,” comments Teijo Seppelin from the city of Vaasa.

Wärtsilä has collaborated with the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association by supporting its operations and coastal cleanliness since 2009. In 2017, the collaboration and support will be weighted towards the beach clean-up work promoted by the Clean Beach campaign. Project Manager Anna Zweygbergk: ”Ocean littering is being discussed more and more all over the world and innovations like Seabin are more than welcome. Since 2011 Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association has watched the condition of Finnish shores through monitoring cleanings and the Clean Beach campaign, which is also supported by Wärtsilä. In addition to our concrete waste management work, we have been able to gather information, influence people’s attitudes and provide a concrete way to participate. The results have shown, that the problem with trash is real also on our Finnish coastline and in the Baltic Sea.”

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