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SVTI marks milestone with arrival of Maersk Antares

1 March 2017
This 11,294 TEUs ship, is the greatest capacity vessel ever arrived at the terminal.

In addition, vessels Maersk Lome, Antares and the woodchips ship Southern Star, were serviced at the same time, using 793 meters of dock.

Yesterday, the vessel Maersk Antares arrived in “San Vicente Terminal Internacional” (SVTI), becoming the ship with the greatest capacity to have docked in the history of the terminal.

The vessel, coming from San Antonio, and whose port of origin was Hong Kong, is 338 meters in length and a width of 45.5 meters, with a capacity of 11,294 TEUs and able to transport 602 refrigerated containers.

SVTI’s CEO, Eduardo González, highlighted the arrival of the vessel and said that “this is a double milestone: the historical arrival of the ship with the greatest capacity and its mooring in our new dock, inaugurated last year and that increased our capacity by 40%, and in the dock being currently enlarged, which forms part of the expansion project carried out by the terminal and contemplates a total investment of US$120 million.”

“This strengthens the confidence placed by our clients and our shareholders – SAAM and SSA Marine- in San Vicente Terminal Internacional, which would not have been possible without the daily hard work of our employees,” he added.

It is estimated that around 2,800 transfers will take place, of which 1,300 will correspond to exports, 90% to forestry products loads.

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